The Kritinia Castle, or the Castle of Kritinia, is a medieval structure standing 131 meters tall and overlooking the picturesque Greek village of Kritinia. Built in the 16th century at the request of the
Knights of the Order of St. John, the castle was a very important fortress at the time. Its strategic location and 360 degree views made the Kritinia Castle a perfect place to oversee the activities of
its people and its potential enemies. While only the shell of the original castle remains today, architectural elements corresponding to the Byzantine and the Venetian times can still be found
among the ruins.

Kritinia Castle on the west of Rhodes Island

Also of significance are the remains of the Catholic Church of St. Paul which lie inside the walls of the castle. The views from the top look far out into the vast Aegean Sea and
include both the island of Halki and the port of Kameiros. Every June, an annual festival called the Medieval Rose Festival takes place here, along with a few other events throughout the summer.
Surrounding the castle are beautiful landscapes, secluded beaches such as Kalami and Paliochora, and the village of Kritinia, filled with traditional taverns and caf├ęs.

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