The Valley of Butterflies is exactly as it sounds, a green valley filled with beautiful butterflies. This nature reserve is a pleasant area to explore on a sunny day and is easy to reach by bus from the
capital of Rhodes. In the summer months, this park is known to be a breeding ground for a specific species of butterflies called the Panaxia Quadripunctaria. Millions of these butterflies occupy the
insides of tree trunks, the undersides of leaves, and the crevices of rocks during the daytime, seeing as they are nocturnal creatures.

Even though some visitors are disappointed to find that so many of the butterflies are sleeping during their visit, they are happy to see and hear that the valley is still very much alive. Cobblestone paths lead to enchanting gardens and gushing waterfalls, and cicadas buzz in tune with the pure sounds of nature. The Museum of Natural History lies inside the valley, providing an extensive explanation of the flora and fauna that thrive in the surrounding area. And located just on the outskirts of the Butterfly Valley, idyllic villages encircle the reserve, offering a peek into the lives of the locals that live there.

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